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The Best SEO Company in Bangalore

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation. Essentially it’s all about ranking your site or web asset in one or several search engines in order to get organic traffic.This is where the best SEO services in Bangalore comes into the picture.

But the world of SEO lives for Google because this search engine can deliver the most traffic to your website in comparison to other digital marketing companies in Bangalore. If you are looking for a serious SEO solution for your business in Bangalore, then come With us so we can teach you more about it and why you should work with us.

SEO 101: Understanding It from the Core


We have to tell you a hard truth: Most SEO companies in Bangalore have not a good idea on how Google works, hence, they cannot offer you the results you are after.

You want positive, consistent and durable results. You want to get highly-targeted traffic from Google all year around, and in order to accomplish this, your website needs to be optimized the right way.

These are three basic needs of your site



An extensive, detailed and organized keyword research



A top-notch on-page optimization



A superb off-page optimization work

Now let’s talk about each one of them, so you can get to understand what they are about and why they are so important in web design company Banglore.

Keyword Research: The Start of a Great Project

Keywords or key phrases are sentences or queries people type into Google in order to get an answer. Let’s check a few example of keywords:

  • Lawyers in Bangalore (720 searches per month)
  • Dentist in Bangalore (1200 searches per month)
  • Best spa in Bangalore (1500 searches per month)

When you enter them in Google it returns many pages of results, having each one of the 10 websites. The only thing that matter is to be on the first page, and preferably, within the top-3.

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Before starting with any SEO Agency, we pour plenty of time into keyword research due to the following reasons:

  • To identify which keywords are searched the most by your potential clients. If you were a lawyer, for example, we would look for all the relevant keywords for your industry in Bangalore
  • It’s essential for on-page optimization. Without a proper keyword research, it’s not possible to do this • To build a funnel. Not all the keywords are the same, and they can be used for different purposes, and we will help you with that
  • It’s key for proper off-page optimization. If yo is d0h’t know what keywords to target, then how do you expect to lank?

We have the tools, knowledge, experience, and team necessary to bring your business the keyword research it deserves. A top-notch service you won’t find anywhere else in Bangalore because this is keyword research taken to the next level!

On-page: The Foundation

On-page optimization is all about optimizing your website on-site, which includes the content of the website, its web structure, interlinking (linking from one page or post to another within your site) and snore.

If the on-page optimization is poor, then so will the results. Google needs to understand what your website is about, and in order to do this, it needs to be PERFECTLY optimized. Sadly, not all companies in Bangalore know how to do it.

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Well, there are reasons why hire SEOly

If you decide to work With us, then we will optimize your website with a scientific approach:

  1. With the help of the data obtained by the keyword research, we will design and organize the structure of your website
  2. We will craft amazing content which will delight your visitors and Google. Two birds, one stone!
  3. We will make your website the most relevant for your industry with a proper internal linking strategy
  4. We will integrate micro-data (Schema and snippets), in order to snake

    Here is how we are different from others

    The most important: We set your website for continuous growth and escalation. We don’t use limiting and ugly HTML, we set-up your website using CMS, so it can be fully automatized and make it much easier for you.

    Fortunately for you, we are the unique who do this for you. We really care about your business, and in order to make it reach its maximum online potential, things need to be done the right way from the beginning.

    you rank better and pull in more traffic

Off-page: Where the Magic Happens

With a proper keyword research along with an excellent on-page optimization, you can obtain great results. But off-page optimization is where the magic happens, where good things turn into incredible and breath-taking.

Google uses backlinks (links from one site to another) as a factor to rank your website. But Ire aware that not every backlink is good. Unfortunately, many companies here in Bangalore use TOXIC backlinks which rarely offer results, and if they do, the results won’t last more than a couple of months.

We understand how Google works and what kind of backlinks it LOVES. And guess what? That’s the kind of backlinks we will build for your business. The kind of links that make your website rank, make it get tons of organic traffic and offer you long-lasting results.

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When it comes to off-page optimization these are the things we do for you:

  1. We make your business present in the most important social media networks
  2. We create an online name for your website, we make Google recognize it as a real business and bring it the authority it deserves
  3. We build backlinks to your website from some of the best websites in the internet, those which get thousands over thousands of visits per month. That’s the kind of authority and exposure you want for your business
  4. We make your website become geo and niche relevant

And much more. The point of this is that we can rank your website by using state-of-the-art SEO techniques.

When we talk about off-page SEO it’s more about the quality than the quantity. We build the best links to your website in the right proportion, while others build thousands of TOXIC backlinks, only damaging it and limiting its future growth.

Google HATES websites with spat-rimy backlinks. If you don’t want to be another victim of its hate, then you better work with a company that really knows how to make Google fall in love with your site. Again,this is the reason why we think we are the best SEO Agency in Bangalore. We do NOT do anything shady and we keep things on point.

Conclusion and an Invitation

Now you know more about SEO. You understand that it’s composed of three traits, and you also know that it’s very important to manage and work them properly. Sadly, not all companies in Bangalore can do it, because they don’t have the tools nor the experience.And that is why we are the best SEO company in Bangalore.

That’s why we invite you to work with us. Because we will offer you the best SEO service in this city. If you want to really RANK on Google, drive visitors to your website and turn them into clients, then we will be more than happy to make it happen for you!